choice for career

Today, I try to write down diary with English.

Commmorable  first diary written in Enflish.


One day, I gave a chance of speech, about choice for careers in front of high school students. on16.11.2016.


I prepared to do, but I worry about to not to tell my  idea as well.

and that's why write down about career this blog.


I majored in International relationship.

sometime people ask to me, 'what is international relationships' ' what study have you been?'  It's a good question. 


And I would answer to that question,

I have studied how to the view of the world which beased on question " what is modernizing " pregnant with many problems in the world and to rsearch on using that approach.


Inummerable treaty, and rules prevailed over the world. In relation to that ;Ecology, diploma, resource, people. But we believe that treaty or rule is no meaning to realize the world except whether make use of it or not.


And why Seria have troubled with? Why people who hunger in the world? What globalization?

there question to answer, you gaved or find in the view of some perspective, in my colledge.


Of course, some student have interest not only international :Drama, Slow food, non-manual signals.


In my case,

I take a class of politics in USA, Multiple cultural society, Development Economics,etc.

and I belong to seminar of Ottoman History.

 I have interest of religious, marriage, poverty, history, nature.


why I decided to enter this university?


Because widely learning curriculum.

Generally, in Japanese university, you must decide to your major. But out of thinking to choose the choice for me, I want to Learning Japanese literature, politics,economics, psychology, sociology.

In my department, in my colledge, which desire to be possible.


Recently, I found the website on career.

only click to answer, agree or disagree, show the department. ' Your type lend to The Low Department ', 'You are Artist!' 


I was tried to check my ' lending' study.

But, I had known to my interest before check my interest by other program.


I want to know changes what is world;

changes of the world, on the earth, in the view of politics, Economics, history, in relation to country. 


I catched that desire, in high school to met the student most popular university.

He said, " the world changes day by day".


I was nodding, and I decided to goal which talking to student all over the world,like him.

I have felt in change of my body, world, and future.


"lending or not lending", is a factor of fear of your intellectual curiosity, and your career of your life.

Belive your curiosity.

Don't fear whether you lending or not lending.

Because having curiosity is gift gaved by your world.


First and formost, having a question is most important.

Because a choice of enter academic institution,

is a chance which gaved. That is, academic institution have value to admitted, and you can thinking about why people are busy working and having no time of taking care of their children, why people continued injured which many adults not answer sufficiently.

Reading many books which technical or appeal to your instinct, and acquire some skills-----interview skills, presentation skills, research skills.


To utilize most that chance, you should thinking about yourself,having question.


What things do you like? 

Basketball? Music? Mathematics? 

What dreaming do you do?

astronomy, scientist, businessman,or writer?


Dreaming, and grasp your chance, trained yourself, to follow your desire.


It is difficult that writing,or speech.

I need to more brush up, more know factor of my choice.


Thank you.