why I would like to speak English?

I'm clumsy with speaking English.

But, I'm a student in university that famous education in English.

Everyday, I depress. Everytime, I think why did I passed university.

(Maybe, Japanese education is horrible. It's another side of bureaucracy.)


Some people say, "I was study abroad", "experienced internship",

or "I worked in child rabor".

It's marvelous.

I have no possibility to work in for developing country.


Although, I have a interest to use English.


No matter how people insult me, laugh at me, No matter how I'm ridiculous.


I lose my confidence, I don't know why do I write this blog.


I have read books since I was a child. That is one reason why I would like to command of English.


sometimes, I miss my friend who lives on the world, and never met me.

Before  sleeping, I closed my eyes and come to mind that I across the cumpas in the US, widely the grass, with chatting, hold many books, in autum.


Solitude is one of an old friend of mine.


My friend said to me,

"You choose your state. If you wanna be make some friend, you may laughing with friends, but  you don't take an action".


Probably, she is right.

She is show me the real world,

and I live in imaginary.


Though, sometimes  I think,

"Isn't it so good my choice?"